You have needs.  We _ cash.

What’s more, we have patience to find out _ you want to achieve the flexibility to build _ solution around it.
At Great Western Bank, &;__ dealing with people who _ you, and people who _ the big picture. The _ is a relationship you count on, season after _.
The Great Western Bank :
  • Available cash and fast, decisions let us quickly a wide variety of _ and suppliers.
  • Our flexible financial solutions tailored to meet your _ needs.
  • Our depth of agribusiness gives us a solid of your specific operation.
  • Our local specialists listen __ your objectives and work __ achieve them.
  • Just like you, we’re __ agribusiness for the long _.
  • We understand your schedule, __ if you can’t make __ in to your local _, we’ll come to you.
  • We offer one point __ contact, so your banker with you year after _.
We tailor financial solutions __ your operation. No two __ operations are exactly alike. _ two adjacent farms growing &_;_ crop will use different from planting to harvest. _&;_ why Great Western Bank takes _ unique approach to serving _ agribusiness customer.
Just tell us your and we’ll build a that meets your specific . We offer term loans, lines __ credit and letters of _, all of which can __ customized to do what need them to do.
Outstanding features of Great __ Bank agribusiness financing: 1
  • Interest rates based on indices, U.S. Prime or base
  • Convenience of electronic payments
  • Interest only payments on of Credit
  • Principal and interest payments
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Variable interest rates
  • Interest rate certainty with _ Lock feature
  • Loan terms up to 25 years
  • Redraw ability
  • Ability to make payments __ wire transfer
  • Repayment frequency: monthly, quarterly, _-_ or annual
  • Balloon payments

1 Subject to credit approval