Great Western Bank Online __ Notice

Last updated:  5/01/2017

This U.S. Online Privacy _ (Notice) applies to this Western Bank online interface (_._., website or mobile application) any Great Western Bank _ or subsidiary online interface _ links to this Notice, (_, a Site, and, collectively, ). The term "Great Western _" or "we" or "us" __ "our" in this Notice _ to banking and non-banking _._. affiliates or subsidiaries of Western Bancorp, Inc. that _ to this Notice. This _ describes how Sites may __, use and share information _ or about you, and how information may be _ and used for advertising .

For account holders and to this Site, we _ use and share any _ that we collect from __ about you in accordance _ the Great Western Bank Privacy Notice, which provides __ in the use and __ of information.

Additional information on our __ & Security practices may __ found on our Sites within  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) . In the event __ an express conflict between _ Notice, and any other _ information provided, by using _ Site the terms of _ Notice will govern..

Collecting and Using Information

Personal Information We Collect _

Personal Information means personally __ information such as information provide via forms, surveys, __ or other online fields _ name, postal or email _, telephone, fax or mobile __, or account numbers.

How We Use Personal _

We may use Personal _:

How Personal Information is _

Please see the  Great Western Bank Consumer __ Notice  for information on how Information may be shared how you may be _ to limit certain types __ sharing.

Other Information We Collect _

Other Information is any _ other than Personal Information _ does not reveal your identity or does not relate to an individual, _ as browser information, information _ through cookies, pixel tags other technologies, demographic information, information provided by you _ as your date of or household income, and and de-identified data.

How We Collect and Other Information

We and our third-party __ providers may collect and Other Information in a __ of ways, including:

Additional Information

Third party widgets  – we may allow __ widgets (e.g., social share __) on our Sites that _ users to easily share _ on another platform, such __ a social media platform. third parties that own widgets may have access __ information about your browsing __ pages of our Sites these widgets are placed. may wish to review _ at the third party _, such as social media _ where you have an __, to determine how these parties collect and treat _ information. Also, see  Linking to other sites  and  Social media sites  below.


Great Western Bank advertises _ (e.g., pages within our and mobile apps through _ managed social media presences, on other sites and _ apps not affiliated with Western Bank) and offline (_._. in banking centers, through _ centers, and direct marketing). __ order to understand how _ performs, we may collect __ information on our Sites other sites and mobile _ through our advertising service _ using cookies, IP addresses, other technologies. The collected _ may include the number __ page visits, pages viewed __ our Sites, search engine _, browsing activities over time across other sites following _ visit to one of Sites or apps, and _ to advertisements and promotions __ the Sites and on and apps where we _.

Great Western Bank uses _ described in this Notice __ help advertise our products services, including prescreened offers __ credit, in a variety __ ways. We use such _ to:

How we tailor ads:

Relationship based advertising

In order to help _ our advertising informative and _, we may use information your relationship with us (_ as types of accounts, information or the state __ which you bank) to _ determine which advertisements or _ to present to you.

Online Behavioral Advertising

We or our advertising __ providers may use certain _ about your activities on Sites, such as pages __ and search key words __ to help determine which __ our advertisements or offers be of interest to . We limit access and of information for specific by advertising service providers. __ may use this online _ for online and offline _.

Advertising on third party and mobile apps

Great Western Bank contracts _ advertising companies to advertise products and services on and mobile apps not with us. We may Aggregated and De-identified Data information provided by you __ these third party sites mobile apps to select of our advertisements or _ may appeal to you, __ them to you and __ your responses. Third Party and mobile apps are subject to Great Western _ Privacy Notices. Please visit individual sites and mobile _ for additional information on data and privacy practices opt out policies.

Online Behavioral Advertising on party sites and mobile _

Some of our tailored are online behavioral advertising, may be served using _ collected by third party _. Ads served on our _ by these companies do contain unencrypted Personal Information we limit the use __ information by companies that our ads. To learn _ about this practice and _ choices in connection with __, see the section  Advertising Choices  below.

Advertising Choices

You may set your __ for advertising in the _ ways:

Online Behavioral Advertising:  If you prefer we use information based on _ Site behavior to provide _ and offline tailored content advertising, you may:

Please note that you still receive advertising from Western Bank. When accessing _ account servicing areas (i.e. sign-in), such as Online __, you may receive tailored __ and advertising based on _ account relationships. In addition, _ advisors/Client Managers may continue __ use information collected online __ described in this Notice __ provide details on products services in accordance with __ agreements. See  Important Reminder  section below.

Bank managed Direct Marketing:  If you prefer we deliver you marketing offers __ email, postal mail or __ telemarketing you may manage _ direct marketing  choices online  or:

Advertising on third party :  Great Western Bank participates __ the Digital Advertising Alliance () self-regulatory program, uses the  Advertising Options Icon  on our behavioral ads __ third party sites (excluding appearing on platforms that __ not accept the icon) adheres to the DAA _- Principles for Online Behavioral _. Anyone receiving a behavioral __ may click on the _ icon to receive more _ and can opt out __ that time or by the third party site's __ policy for an opt mechanism.

You may also opt of receiving behavioral ads _ many sites through the  Network Advertising Initiative's Opt-Out _  or other tools provided __ the publishing platform.

Please note that if opt out, you may receive untailored online advertising _ Great Western Bank. Opting from a specific third site means that the you receive will not __ tailored based on your __ or behavior.

Important Reminder

In order for online advertising opt outs from Sites and on other to work on your _, your browser must be to accept cookies. If delete cookies, buy a device, access our Site __ other sites from a _ device, login under a _ screen name, or change browsers, you will need __ opt-out again. If your __ has scripting disabled, you __ not need to opt , as online behavioral advertising does not work when _ is disabled. Please check _ browser's security settings to whether scripting is active __ disabled.

Mobile Applications

Great Western Bank’s Mobile __ for accounts ("Applications") allows to access your account and holdings, make deposits, _ and pay bills on _ mobile device. This Notice __ to any Personal Information __ Other Information that we collect through the Applications.

Linking to other sites

We may provide links __ third party sites, such __ credit bureaus, service providers __ merchants. If you follow to sites not affiliated __ controlled by Great Western _, you should review their __ and security policies and terms and conditions, as _ may be different from of our Sites. Great __ Bank does not guarantee is not responsible for privacy or security of sites, including the accuracy, __, or reliability of their _.

Social media sites

Great Western Bank actively __ in multiple social media _ that enable online sharing collaboration among users who _ registered to use them. content you post on Great Western Bank managed _ media pages, such as , information, opinions, or any Information that you make _ to other participants on social platforms, is subject __ the Terms of Use Privacy Policies of those platforms. Please refer to _ to better understand your _ and obligations with regard __ such content. In addition, _ note that when visiting official Great Western Bank _ media pages, you are _ subject to Great Western _'_ Privacy Notices.


To protect Personal Information _ unauthorized access and use, __ use security measures that _ with applicable federal and laws. These measures may __ device safeguards and secured and buildings as well __ oversight of our third service providers to ensure _ remains confidential and secure. Security __ a shared responsibility. Visit  this page  for additional information on you can help.

Using other aggregation websites

Other companies offer aggregation and services that allow to consolidate your financial __ information from different sources (_ as your accounts with __ or with other financial __) so that you can _ all your account information __ one online location. To __ this, an aggregation provider request access to Personal _, such as financial information, _ and passwords. You should caution and ensure that aggregator company has appropriate and practices to protect privacy and security of information you provide or __ which they are gaining _. We are not responsible the use or disclosure __ any Personal Information accessed __ any company or person __ whom you provide your _ username and password.

If you provide your _ username, password or other _ about your accounts with __ to an aggregation website, __ will consider that you _ authorized all transactions or __ initiated by an aggregation __ using access information you __, whether or not you _ aware of a specific _ or action. If you _ to revoke the authority have given to an _ website, we strongly recommend _ you change your password the Site to ensure _ the aggregation website cannot to access your account.

Making sure information is

Keeping your account information and up to date __ very important. If your __ information is incomplete, inaccurate __ not current, please use Contact Us option on Site, or call or to us at the _ numbers or appropriate address changes listed on your __ statements, records, online or account materials. You can _ speak to a customer _ at a banking center, _ Financial Advisor or account _.

Protecting children’s privacy online

The Site is not to individuals under the of thirteen (13), and __ request that these individuals __ not provide Personal Information __ the Site. We do knowingly collect information from under 13 without parental __. Visit the  Federal Trade Commission  website for more information the Children's Online Privacy Act (COPPA).

Protecting individual health information

To the extent that __ receive, maintain, or process __ individual's protected health information, Western Bank may disclose _ information as authorized by in accordance with applicable __ and/or state law.

Updates to this Privacy _

This Online Privacy Notice __ subject to change. Please _ it periodically. If we _ changes to the Online __ Notice, we will revise “Last Updated” date at top of this Notice. changes to this Notice _ become effective when we _ the revised Notice on Site. Your use of Site following these changes that you accept the __ Notice.