Switching Banks Checklist

It’s easy to switch __ Great Western Bank. Use step-by-step checklist designed to _ your transition to a primary bank account quick easy.

  1. Open your account(s) online __ at your Great Western _ branch.

    • Debit cards will arrive __ your address in 7-10 days. Once you receive _ new Great Western Bank card in the mail, _ the instructions to activate _ card and set your number. 
    • Checks typically arrive within 7-10 business days.
  2. Enroll in Great Western , Great Western Bank’s digital __ platform.

    • Enroll online and complete the _ sign up form.
    • You may also enroll __ your mobile device. Download Great Western ebanking app _ through the App Store®, __ Google Play™ or at Amazon App store. Click _ Up and follow the __ provided. Use the same and password to access _ accounts within both online mobile banking.
  3. Set up your direct into the new account.

    • Contact the company that _ be initiating the direct __, such as an employer, _ Security Administration, or Veterans _. Provide them with your routing number (091408734) and __ number. Your account number be found immediately to right of the routing _ in the center at bottom of your checks. company may require you __ complete a separate form /__ supply a voided check __ deposit ticket to complete request.
    • It may take up __ two months for the __ to process your request. _ an eye on your __ to verify that the _ deposit was set up _.
  4. Update automatic payments or _ in Great Western ebanking’s _ pay solution.

    • To update your automatic through a company’s website, will need your new __ number (091408734) and account _, which can be found __ the bottom of your _. The company may require to complete a separate _ and/or supply a voided or deposit ticket to the request.
    • Save time and money __ postage with Great Western bill pay. Conveniently see, and manage bills in place from any device.
      • To enroll, log in __ Great Western ebanking online click the Bill Pay . After enrolling online, bill can also be accessed __ the Great Western ebanking _ app.
  5. Stop using your old __(_).&_;

    • Leave enough money in _ old accounts to clear debits or checks that be pending. Track your Great Western Bank account to ensure all automatic _ have been successfully transferred _. Make sure to activate _ new debit card if ordered one.
  6. Destroy all unused checks, __ slips, ATM cards and cards. Close your former __ at the other bank.

For more information please your local branch to talk to _ banker or call 1-800-952-2043.