Treasury banking suite

Our business online banking for financial information and __ quick transactions. Access is and secure on any _ with the added benefit __ notifications about important bank __ balance changes or transactions __ timely approvals.

Take advantage of Treasury __ Suite, a powerful yet _ to use solution for _ and simplified financial management _:

  • Real-time information for balances transaction searches.
  • Reports and File Exports created and saved future use according to _ criteria with added benefit __ automated delivery to ERP or Workstations.
  • ACH Origination: Use seamless NACHA _ processing; intuitive, self-guided mapping tools non-NACHA files, or the _ of data entry in templates single use batches. Set end dates or use recurring options to automate ACH &_; ACH origination work flows.
  • Wire Initiation: Send domestic, international , or international foreign currency _ transfers and receive digital _ updates and Fed acknowledgements delivered your channel preference.
  • Risk Mitigation : Minimize exposure to ACH or checks. Submit Pay issue files and _ exceptions to make online decisions exception item handling. Set for handling ACH items to unauthorized transactions.
  • Controls and Security: Robust controls and _ are available to allow your __ to easily comply with -&_; internal or external audit . Set limits to dynamically __ dual control on high _ payment transactions.
  • Mobile Access and Alerts: Timely information is . Use any mobile device to _ balances and transactions to financial decisions. Gain freedom _ the office by initiating and _ transactions from your mobile _. Receive real-time alerts of pending __ to quickly take action __&_;_ on payments.