Fiduciary Services

Great Western Wealth Management assist you in planning your future, protecting your _, and helping you pass __ your wealth according to _ wishes. Our expert Wealth can help you build _ strong financial plan in following areas:

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the __ of identifying and creating _ well-executed plan that goes _ place now, ensuring you your loved ones will _ peace of mind. This __ is for anyone owning __ asset they wish to _ or transfer after their .&_;

Great Western Wealth Management assist you by:

  • Identifying your assets,
  • Informing you of various __ for efficiently transferring your _ and wealth,
  • Focusing on your financial and how to protect _ assets,
  • Designing strategies to minimize and legal expenses, and
  • Reviewing legal documents  to accomplish your wishes.

Revocable Trust

Revocable Trusts are created _ the lifetime of the __ and can be amended, or revoked entirely. Often _ a Living Trust, these trusts in which the __ reserves the right to _ transfers or withdrawals of _ to the trust during or her lifetime. 

A Revocable Trust assists __ avoiding probate. Assets owned __ a Revocable Trust at time of the grantor’s will not be subject __ probate. Great Western Wealth can serve as a __ or successor trustee for _ Revocable Trust.

Irrevocable Trust

An Irrevocable Trust cannot __ amended, modified or revoked its creation.  Often times, _ trust is revocable during life of the grantor then becomes irrevocable upon . Great Western Wealth Management serve as trustee for _ Irrevocable Trust. 

Dynasty Trust

Great Western Bank has _ a South Dakota Chartered _ for more than 80 which allows Wealth Management __ offer Dynasty Trust services _ our footprint.

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Estate and Trust Administration

Great Western Wealth Management __ ready to assist your _ during the stressful period __ incapacitation or death of _ loved one. Important decisions _ be made, sometimes quickly, we can help your receive expert personal attention the entire estate and/or administration. 

Our Wealth Advisors will __ the primary contact for , attorneys, and other parties . We assume all the _ that come with administering __ estate and/or trust:

  • Tax-efficient solutions for all of estates and/or trusts
  • Facilitate family meetings
  • Filing of life and _ insurance claims
  • Assist with retirement plan
  • Asset identification, collection, valuation, management
  • Paying debts, expenses, and
  • Account and asset administration 
  • Claims processing
  • Preparing estate and income returns
  • Distribution of estate property _ to Will and/or Trust

Trustee and Personal Representative

As you discuss your _ planning options, it is _ to carefully consider who appoint to act on _ behalf in the following :

  • Last Will & Testament
  • Trust Healthcare Directive or _ Trust
  • Power of Attorney 
  • Appointment of Personal Representative
  • Appointment of Trustee or _ Trustee
  • Appointment of Agent

Great Western Wealth Management _ as Personal Representative for _ Will and as a __ or a Successor Trustee a Trust.  Our skilled handle estates and trusts __ a daily basis and __ continuous education on federal state law changes ,  as well as tax __ and guidelines.