Saving time, month after .

Save time and money __ postage with Great Western ebanking ’s bill pay solution.

Conveniently see, pay and _ bills in one place _ any device. Plus, reduce risk of fraud by __ personal information out of _ mailbox. Enroll online to how easy it is __:

  • Schedule one-time or recurring
  • Change and/or stop scheduled
  • View payment history
  • Set up reminders and _-
  • Control all of this more from one site _ one password

To enroll: Log in to Western ebanking online and the Bill Pay tab. _ and accept the Terms Conditions, and then click Sign Up. After enrolling _, bill pay can also __ accessed through the Great __ ebanking mobile app.

No checks, no stamps, __ envelopes, and no hassle. _ pay is another convenient time-saving advantage of Great __ ebanking, so log in __ get signed up today!

Frequently Asked Questions

To avoid the hassle __ writing checks every month, _ up for bill pay __ Great Western ebanking online __. Navigate to the Bill tab and follow the . Once signed up, bills also be paid through Great Western ebanking mobile .

You can pay anyone __ the U.S. that you normally pay by check __ automatic debit. Even if don't receive bills from company or person you _ to pay, you can add the information used __ make payments. 

To add a new type the name of person or company in “Need to pay someone ?” field at the top __ the main bill pay _ and click Add.

Fill out the form, the Add Payee button you are ready to _ a payment.

Note: If you don't _ any payees set up, __ just a few, we _ suggest some common payees __ the bottom of the _. If you see your there, click their name __ begin the add payee __.

When adding a payee (__ trying to edit your later), don't be alarmed __ we do not ask for an address to to send your payment. _ just means that we _ a relationship with this where we either pay _ electronically, or the payee us to send payments __ an address that might match the address they _ you on your bill.

When paying a company, _ pay sends the payment _ whenever possible. If the __ cannot receive electronic payments, _ pay prints a check sends it to the __ provided when the payee __ added. Payments to persons handled a bit differently __ that they are remitted __ check when using the _ pay service. You will _ to allow adequate time the person to receive check depending on where __ or she is located __ the U.S. They payment __ deducted from your account _ the check is cashed.

The answer depends on _ few factors:

Electronic payments: If we _ your payment electronically, your __ is debited on the date you selected.

Check payments: The funds _ be debited from your __ when the payee receives negotiates the check. We _ out the check up __ five (5) days before _ due date. Please make _ you have available funds __ your account at least _ (4) days prior to _ selected due date as funds can clear as _ as your payee receives check.

Note: To determine if _ payment will be paid _ or by check, locate payment in the “Scheduled ” section of the main _ and click the edit _. How a payment is _ to be made, electronic __ check, will display in pop-up box next to “_.”&_;

An eBill is an copy of your paper _ that you can view __ from within the bill service.

eBills are a secure convenient way to keep of your bills in place. You will be when an eBill arrives when it is due __ you never have a _ payment.

The last 24 months __ payment history and eBills available online for you __ view. If for some _ you need payment information _ back past 24 months, _ us a call at 1-800-952-2043 and we will help retrieve that information.

Many types of notifications available to alert you email or by text __ to keep you informed up to date regarding _ payments. To get started, in to Great Western online and select Text __ & Alerts from the Services dropdown menu. From you can review the __ available and select how would like to receive notification. 

You can change your address by clicking on My Settings link in header of the main _ pay page.

Bill pay checks will _/_ after 90 days.

A picture of a _ bolt will indicate an payment and a picture __ a check will indicate _ check payment.

Yes. Within the Bill section, find the payee, _ "Options," then select "Delete __" at the bottom left _ of the payee.

Yes. Within the Bill section, locate the scheduled __ to the right of screen and select “edit” __ the yellow pencil image. can change the date, _, pay from account or a memo.

There will be circular _ located to the left __ the payee to indicate _ recurring payment.

A payment before 3:00 _._. CT electronically will process __ 1 business day.
A payment after 3:00 _._. CT electronically will process __ 2 business days.
A payment before 3:00 _._. CT by check will __ in 3 business days.
A payment after 3:00 _._. CT by check will __ in 4-5 business days.

Due to legal requirements, __ limit the ability to _ certain types of payments. to payees outside of United States are prohibited may not be issued any circumstances. In addition, following payments are discouraged, may be scheduled at _ own risk:

  • Tax payments to the Revenue Service or any or other government agency
  • Court-ordered payments, such as __ or child support
  • Payments to insurance companies

Yes. The limits are __ follows: the maximum amount payment is $9,999.99 and maximum payment amount per is $19,999.99. There is __ limit to the number __ payments that can be _.