Great Western ebanking

Giving you the tools __ bank on your own is one more way Western Bank is Making _ Great.

We provide the ultimate __ banking experience with Great __ ebanking allowing you to _ manage your accounts from . Great Western ebanking provides _, reliability and control to _ you manage your finances.  

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*Standard rates and fees _ your wireless carrier may . Apple and the Apple _ are trademarks of Apple, , registered in the U.S. other countries. App store __ a service mark of Inc. Android, Google Play the Google Play logo trademarks of Google Inc. _ and all related logos trademarks of, Inc. __ its affiliates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Great Western ebanking is _ digital banking platform that you with a safe convenient way to do _ banking. Access your accounts _ or on the go _ the Great Western ebanking _ app.

With Great Western ebanking, can view account information, funds, pay bills, deposit _ and more. You can _ view statements and set __ text alerts. Access your from your device of _ with the Great Western mobile app.

Great Western ebanking is _ safe. We’ve taken every _ to meet the latest standards, including using the _ up-to-date encryption methods, software firewalls. In addition, your _ account number is not _ across the Internet.

Great Western ebanking online mobile banking as well __ bill pay and mobile deposit are all free _ any Great Western Bank __.

Great Western ebanking is _ within one business day __ less upon receipt of _ signed application. Self-enroll by Sign Up within the Account _ box located on the Western Bank homepage. You _ then be directed to Secure Sign Up form. _ assistance signing up? Contact __ at 1-800-952-2043.

After opening your account _ Great Western Bank, click Sign Up within the Great __ ebanking Account Access box __ on the Great Western _ homepage to get signed __!&_;_ have your Great Western _ account number ready.

All deposits made at _ branch and transfers completed __ person or via online __ will immediately be reflected __ your account balances. For __, if you make a __ at a branch and _ access your account online, balance will include the __ you just made.

Mobile deposits will post business day after you __ email confirmation of the __.

  • For example, a deposit _ prior to 5:00 p.m. __ today will be confirmed and funds available tomorrow.

Any mobile check deposit _ after 5:00 p.m. CT _ be processed on the _ business day and you _ receive an email confirmation __ that time. The deposit _ be processed that evening funds will show available __ your account the following .

  • For example, if you _ a mobile deposit at 6:00 p.m. CT on Wednesday, will receive the email __ on Thursday and the will show in your __ at the opening of on Friday.

Yes. The Address Change __ is located in the _ bar drop down under _ Forms. To request a _ to a non-physical address (_._. PO Box, personal mailbox), _ contact us at Email: __ visit your local branch.

Username: Must be at six characters in length, _ contain at least one _. Can contain letters, numbers the following special characters: @$*_-=.!~

Password: Must be between 6 and 32 characters in _. Must contain at least of the three following: __, numbers and any special _. Password is case sensitive expires after 365 days.

No. Each individual will _ to set up their login credentials.

No, the same username password are used for _ online and mobile banking. 

Yes. You can access of the new system, __ well as additional information, __ visiting .

Yes. You can grant users access to your Western ebanking accounts online __ sharing your login credentials __ following the step-by-step instructions below. For more information, _ a detailed explanation of _ sub users can and _ access, please contact your banker.

Step 1: Log in to Western ebanking. Under the Services dropdown menu, select Access with Others.
Step 2: Within the Share __ Access screen, fill in requested information.

  • The phone number and address entered will be _ to send the sub _(_) their one time passcode _ their initial log in.
  • Account holders can grant _ access to sub user(s) __ clicking 'Grant full access __ all accounts.'
  • Individual limits and permissions
    • View only: View balances; _ and print check images; _, print and export history
    • Make internal transfers: Sub _(_) must have access to __ least two accounts; can both ‘To’ and ‘From’ accounts
    • Make bill payments: Transaction limit (for each account) __ required when granting access __ bill pay

Step 3: Two emails are _ when sub user(s) are .

  • One email is sent __ the account holder confirming addition of the sub _(_).
  • Another email is sent __ the sub user(s) with __ on how to log __. The sub user(s) will __ required to submit the __ code, review the terms conditions, and change their prior to gaining access __ Great Western ebanking.

No. To grant access __ online statements, you will _ to add the sub _ as an additional recipient online statements within the _ Statements section located in Additional Services dropdown menu. &_; sub user will then __ an email with a attachment that they can _ with the username and that you (the primary) _ provided to them.