Accessibility Assistance. In accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act () and applicable state and laws, we are always to improve the accessibility our products and services customers. If you have using or accessing any of this website or any Great Western Bank app or tool, please free to call us or email us [email protected] and we will with you to provide information, item, or transaction seek through a communication or that is accessible you (for example, through support). If you use email address, please do include your account or information as we take security of our website customer data very seriously.

Goal of Accessibility for . Great Western Bank to provide a positive experience to all our, and we aim to accessibility and inclusion. Our is to permit our to successfully gather information conduct business through our and other technology platforms.

Whether you are using _ technologies like a screen, a magnifier, voice recognition , or captions for videos, goal is to make use of Great Western _’_ technology a successful and experience.

Actions. We are actively steps and devoting resources further enhance the accessibility our website and other . We have engaged outside to test and improve quality and accessibility of technology. We continue to for ways to improve user experience. Our efforts ongoing, and our specific completed or in-progress include:

  1. WCAG. The Web Content Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level are considered by many set an appropriate standard website accessibility. Although we not limited by or to any specific, single, , we test our website make improvements as measured the WCAG 2.0 Level standards laid down by World Wide Web Consortium (_3_).
  2. Job Duties. We engage consultants vendors who assist our staff for the assigned of promoting the accessibility our website and other.
  3. Text Equivalents / AltText. Use of alternative (alt text) and captions relation to images, videos multi-media content.
  4. Site Structure. Use of headings, paragraphs and other formatting so that guests can easily use the site assistive technology.
  5. Keyboard Access . Use functionality that through a keyboard interface, requiring specific timings for keystrokes.
  6. Consistent Structure. We aim to _ pages, sites and apps a consistent structure, to navigation.
  7. Contrast. When choosing colors site design, we consider issue of contrast, to the accessibility of images text.

Ongoing Effort. Although we are of the efforts that have completed and are, we at Great Western view accessibility as an effort.

Third Party Sites. Throughout this website, make use of different 3 party websites such as , Twitter, and Facebook to news and information about Western Bank products and . These sites, which are controlled by Great Western may present challenges for with disabilities that we not able to control remedy. Please know that sites are not used the sole source of (sole vehicle for communicating)information.

Feedback. Please contact us if you have feedback or suggestions as how we could improve accessibility of this website our other technology.