Purchase Rewards

Earn cash back by your Great Western Bank card.

Your current purchases could __ making you money! Purchase __ is available through every Western ebanking account and __ free to use. Offers unique to you based __ debit card usage - the more you use _ card, the more offers receive! 

Great Western Bank customers simply follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the offer(s) __ your Great Western ebanking __.
  2. Use your Great Western _ debit card at the retailer(s).
  3. Enjoy money automatically deposited _ your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This rewards program lets earn rewards by using _ Great Western Bank debit _ to purchase merchandise and . The program is available __ all debit cardholders. Through _ program, you’ll receive targeted _ to receive rewards on _ based on where you _. So, the more you your Great Western Bank card, the more offers can receive and the _ rewards you can earn!

You can find offers _ the Purchase Rewards widget __ on the home page __ Great Western ebanking online __ beneath the Bill Pay _. Offers can also be on the Great Western mobile app within the Cash Back widget. New offers _ be labeled as “New _&; until you click to them. Within the mobile app, _ offers will have a _ stating, “Add to debit _ before using.” Once clicked, reward is “loaded” onto associated debit card. 

Each offer is based __ where you currently shop, __ the offers that you __ are relevant! To redeem offer, simply click on __ to see the details; _ automatically loads the offer _ your debit card. Then _ at the specified retailer pay using the debit _ for which the offer activated for to earn reward. Each offer has _ details regarding when and to shop and how _ you need to spend. _ that require an online are clearly specified and include a redemption code. _ read the details to _ how to redeem each and start earning rewards. 

Typically, you do not _ a coupon or code __ redeem an offer. Each has different specifications regarding _ and where you shop how much you need __ spend. Offers that require __ online purchase are clearly _ and may include a code. Please read offer __ to determine how to _ each offer. 

Each offer has an period that was set __ the merchant. You must _ offers before the expiration _. The expiration date can __ found in the offer __ section of the offer __ clicking on the offer.

Your rewards will typically __ deposited to your account month after you redeem offer. Since we do share your personal information _ retailers, we cannot credit _ account immediately at the _ of purchase. For example, rewards you redeem in month of September typically _ be credited to your __ at the end of __. If you would like __ see the offers you _ redeemed or the total of the offers you _ redeemed, please visit the __ summary page.  

Your rewards will typically __ deposited to your account month after you redeem offer. For example, any __ you redeem in the of September typically will __ credited to your account __ the end of October. __ you have not received _ reward from a purchase _ within the previous month, _ (1) read the offer __ to ensure all requirements _ met, (2) confirm that offer was activated, and (3) verify that the debit _ used to make the was the card associated _ the account that received offer. If after verifying _ information you have not a resolution, please call 1-800-952-2043 to be connected to Customer Service team.

Offers are matched on __ account level, based on purchases made with your Western Bank debit card that account. If you _ different purchases with different , you will see different _ in those accounts. You _ use the Great Western _ debit card connected to _ account to redeem the _ for that account.

You have to use _ Great Western Bank debit _ that is associated with account that received the to earn rewards.

Offers are based on you currently shop to _ the offers you receive relevant. If you seldom your debit card, you not receive any offers you begin using your _ more. The more you your Great Western Bank card, the more chances will have to receive offers!

You may not be _ any offers because you __ opted out of the __. If you would like __ opt back in to program, you can do __ through the Purchase Rewards _ located on the home _ of online banking by “Get Started!” 

You can opt out __ clicking on the “Stop _ all offers” link on rewards summary page. This _ can be found in upper right part of rewards summary page. If opt out of the __ program at this time change your mind later, can opt back in __ the Purchase Rewards widget __ on the rewards summary _.  

No. Your personal information __ not shared with retailers. __ fact, no personal information _ Great Western Bank.

Yes, this program is _!  There is no cost with this program, making __ easy for you to _ rewards. This rewards program __ just another benefit of your Great Western Bank card.