Merchant Services

Merchant Solutions: Grow your .

Keeping up with day-to-day and providing exceptional customer _ is crucial to your _ term success. The easier __ is to do this, more time you have __ focus on growing your .&_;&_;
We’ve teamed up with _, to offer you innovative __ and point of sale _ to help you run _ business better. Heartland can _ you streamline operations, increase __ and make payments easy __ customers can’t resist buying _ you.  
Let us put you in touch with a Heartland __ manager who can talk __ you about fast, secure, simple solutions that can _ your business reach its _ potential.

Accept All the Ways _ Customers Prefer to Pay

  • Take payments anywhere: Online, restaurant, retail, on the go
  • Accept any method of __: Cash, check, credit, and gift cards, EMV _ card and digital wallet
  • Process payments over any _: Mobile phone, tablet, _, terminal and point of _ system

Point of Sale Where “Smart” Runs in the Family



The simpler, smarter point __ sale. Back office management __ run your business better. 
  • Better checkout experience
  • Reduce employee overtime
  • Eliminate inventory shortages
  • Simplify accounting


Freedom to run your . Everything you need in __ all-in-one terminal.
  • Better checkout experience
  • Intuitive sales tax
  • Eliminate inventory shortages
  • Fraud protection

Mobile Pay

Take payments anywhere. Run _ business from your phone.
  • Go where customers are
  • Never miss a sale
  • Capture customer trends

Securing Your Business and _&; Card Data

  • Heartland Secure™ combines three powerful __ to provide the industry’s __ level of security for _ business, backed up by _ Breach Warranty
  • PCI compliant to minimize the _ of credit card fraud __ provide you and your _ peace of mind.

Services at a Glance

  • Fair and transparent processing: Interchange Plus pricing _ your payment acceptance costs __ put more money in _ pocket
  • Protecting your rights: The only payment to provide a Merchant _ of Rights promoting fair _, debit and prepaid processing _&_;
  • 24/7 customer support: Award winning customer __ agents based in the _._. answer your call in _ than 30 seconds on __&_;


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