Intra-Institution Transfers

Transfer money to other Western Bank customers.

Great Western ebanking intra-institution _ allow you to add __ Great Western Bank customer __ a recipient who you transfer money to in __!

Intra-Institution Transfers allow Great __ ebanking users to transfer to other Great Western _ customers in real-time, just _ when transferring money between _ own accounts.

You can transfer money __ any Great Western Bank with a checking or __ account. The recipient does need to be a Western ebanking user.

Online Banking/Mobile Web: Once _ into Great Western ebanking _ banking, select “Send Money __ GWB Customer” from the _ Money drop down. Click __ the “Add a recipient” _ in the upper right _ corner and fill in requested information. Once the _ has been successfully added, recipient will now show __ an option under the “To” drop down on the _ screen. Select the account would like to transfer from, enter the amount __ well as a memo __ desired, then click “Make &; to complete the transfer.

Mobile App: Once logged _ the Great Western ebanking _ app, click the “Make _ transfer” icon at the _ of the screen. Click “To” field, select to a recipient and then _ in the requested information. _ the recipient has been __ added, the recipient will show as an option the “To” drop down __ the Transfers screen. Select account you would like __ transfer money from, enter amount as well as _ memo if desired, then _ “Confirm” to complete the .

You will need the customer’s first three characters __ their last name, their __ type (checking or savings) account number. Once a has been successfully added __ a recipient, you can to send money to _ person without having to him or her as _ recipient each time.

No. There is no to transfer money to __ Great Western Bank customer the Intra-Institution Transfers tool.

Funds are transferred in __ when transferring to another Western Bank customer using Intra-Institution Transfers tool.

Online Banking/Mobile Web: Log into Great __ ebanking online banking and _ “Manage Transfer Destinations” from Move Money drop down. “Remove” next to the _ you would like deleted.

Mobile App: Once logged into Great Western ebanking mobile , click “Make a transfer” _ at the bottom of screen. Click the “To” , then swipe to the _ on recipient’s name that would like to remove. _ “Delete” option will then _. Click “Delete” then select “Remove.”