Fraud Protection

With the advancements of technology, it is increasingly _ for criminals, either independently __ in organized groups, to check and ACH payments __ such a way as __ deceive innocent victims. Fraud Services is a process __ assist in protecting your from fraudulent activity by _ unauthorized transactions. With our Protection Services, we can _ together to implement security that reduce the risks with altered or unauthorized _ transactions.

Check Fraud Prevention

Positive Pay

Check Positive Pay service _ the security of enhanced detection on issued checks. _ that issue a large _ of checks are subject __ two recurring problems: check and check errors. This service gives you increased __ and accountability, while minimizing _ on written checks. Issued _ clearing for payment are against a check issue _ and any non-matched items reported. You then have ability to review any and return any checks _ do not meet your .

Payee Positive Pay

Payee Positive Pay is __ additional security feature that _ Payee Name Verification (PNV) __ read the Payee listed __ a check. The Payee _ is then validated against check issued file. As _ standard Positive Pay any -__ items are reported; you _ have the ability to _ any exceptions and return checks that do not _ your conditions.

ACH Fraud Prevention

ACH Blocks

ACH Block Service takes _ proactive approach to ACH _ and/or credits posting to accounts. ACH Block stops unauthorized debits or credits _ posting to an account. your accounts with protection is essential to safe you against becoming a _ of fraud.

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Positive Pay lets safeguard against fraudulent activity __ filtering or blocking unauthorized transactions and reporting any -__ items. You will then _ the ability to review exceptions and make a /_ decision. ACH items that the criteria you establish _ automatically post to your __.

Online and mobile banking Procedures

Great Western Bank is _ to protecting your personal _. We've created these important procedures to help you __ your personal and business _ information while also increasing _ level of online security.

To ensure the highest of protection follow all procedures:

  • Retrieve mail promptly and _ bills and other sensitive _ from a secure mailbox.
  • Shred private documents, e.g. , applications, bank statements. Sign __ for online statements to __ theft of paper documents.
  • Review your credit report __ least once per year. __ your credit activity and the reporting agencies of suspicious activity or significant __ to your credit score.
  • Ensure all of your _ is up-to-date with the _. This includes your current numbers, mailing and email _, and date of birth.

Personal Fraud Prevention