Personal Financial Planning

Do you know if ’__ on track to meet _ retirement goals?

Let a Great Western _ Wealth Advisor help you __ a financial plan to __ guide you to retirement beyond. We’ll take the _ to sit down with and help understand what means to you. We _ at your financial picture build a personalized financial _ to help you reach _ retirement goals. Customized just you, our team can planning tools to answer questions that keep you __ at night.

  • Am I saving enough?
  • How much risk should _ be taking in my _?
  • What will I spend year during retirement?
  • How can I maximize __ Social Security benefits?

If you’ve built up _ significant savings, it’s time __ consider meeting with a Western Bank Wealth Advisor to get your personal _ started. Protecting, preserving and your wealth is our __ focus and our Wealth team will be there _ you every step of way.

Information to gather includes:

  • Personal investment statements
  • Retirement plan statements
  • Bank statements
  • Real estate assessments
  • Personal property inventory

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