Hanna Holquin received a Great Gifts of Gratitude award from Great Western Bank

Local Hero: Hannah Holguin

Hannah is an Omaha High Math teacher and to the pandemic she the need that her were having and created _ clothing closet out of math classroom which evolved _ food pantry for her and their families. She moved that older siblings _ going without so that younger siblings' needs could __ met.

At the start of school closing Hannah's compassion not stop. She continued __ reach out to the _ through the Closet Omaha Packer Pantry. She pulled a grass root effort __ find a way to _ meals to those in Packer Community. She partnered _ State Farm on K _ where they have served __ for anyone in need Tuesday and Thursday. She _ volunteers with the Food _ to serve families on __. All while continuing to her students online and _ care of two beautiful _ girls.

There isn't a day she isn't out delivering to those that are able to leave their . She has created adopt _ family partnerships where she matched families to support _ other in their times __ needs. Hannah doesn't stop _ just feeding and teaching. posts daily to help find household needs even as far as driving __ Iowa several hours out __ pick up a washer a family with five that were home bound. resourcefulness to reach so _ people in our community beyond is remarkable. Her get excited to do to help other people. __ there is anyone in _ community making a difference _ Holguin is the person should recognize.

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Amner received an award from Great Western Bank

Local Hero: Amner Martinez

Amner was one of leaders of a radiothon, _ initiative that raised tens __ thousands of dollars to __ distributed to immigrants and businesses through non-profits in Moines, Iowa.

Gustavo received a reward from Great Western Bank

Local Hero: Gustavo

Gustavo is a key _ at Des Moines food _ who helps distribute food, _ the parking lot, run __ and food recovery items __ cars, and most importantly, __ translates for families who coming to receive food.