March Women's History Month - Great Western Bank


March is Women’s History . This annual observation celebrates &;_ contributions to history, culture society. Within Great Western _, 64.98% of our talent-base as female. As a _ leader within Great Western _, I applaud the organizational _ made to foster inclusivity, __ leaders, build relationships, and visibility. As an advisor __ our Women’s Employee Resource (ERG), I have opportunity __ influence an agenda based _ GWB’s core values – _ initiatives driven by women. values include, but are limited to:

  • Increasing cultural awareness
  • Fostering inclusivity
  • Bolstering employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Defining leadership skills
  • Strengthening employee relations
  • Providing professional development opportunities
  • Attracting diverse talent

Since its inception in 2013, our women’s ERG has _ several events within the _ of visibility, individual development, and networking. Some featured _ have included: community drives bring needed services and resources to women’s shelters; discussions involving women leaders, influencers and allies; a “movement” fundraiser, honoring the monumental __ of the 19th Amendment; _ pivotal educational series, showcasing leaders throughout history; relevant _ fairs and professional shadowing which support the development __ emerging talent—just to name _ few. Megan Maxon, advisor South Dakota, noted that Western Bank “elevates women __ empowering them to create ERG events that promote _ development.”

In 2020, through the _ and tribulations that this year brought, Great Western _ recognized our goal to _ Life Great required a __ focus. The year, while _, added clarity for us helped us redefine who __ are. While our new __ remains to Make Life , it now includes a to empower our employees. __, as an organization led __ a strong endorsement from leadership, found a new _ this last year – _ spark that allows us __ place greater emphasis on _ culture of inclusivity. We _ noted organizational inequities and working alongside the Diversity, _ and Inclusion Council to _ gaps and make voices . Sara Woolery, co-advisor for Nebraska/Kansas women’s ERG aptly the shift: “The concerns _ had in the past, _ promoting underrepresented groups, have been listed. The changes __ continue to implement are _ and support a diverse inclusive GWB culture.”

It was in 1978 _ Women’s History Month was . Since, several progressive steps _ been made toward the rights of women: The _ Discrimination Act; first women __ serve on the Supreme ; first women in space; _ discrimination laws passed within work environment; The Violence __ Women Act; first female _ of state; first woman __ run for VP on Republican ticket; The Paycheck Act; first US woman __ lead the ticket of _ major party; and first _ Vice President. This list __ not all-encompassing, I’m certain are adding your own moments. Much has changed _ the years; but that _ evolution cannot plateau—further changes _.

Can women have it ? Tommi McFadden, advisor for Colorado ERG, commented, “In __ case ‘having it all’ __ built around a few ingredients; a supportive and employer along with a and loving family.”

As our coursework continues __ build around inclusivity, all employees are empowered to __ instruments of change. To women of Great Western _, thanks to your many &; are valued and appreciated!

“There are still many _ worth sacrificing for, so _ history yet to be _&; – Michelle Obama

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